Tabugon Elementary School

The Project Ripples vision is a world where education is guaranteed for everyone. Unfortunately, receiving an education in a third world country is more complicated. Ma'am Susan Pesinable teaches students whose realities are limited to farmwork and providing for the family. These students do not have the luxury of accessible education. 

It is our goal to provide a learning environment that will encourage continued academic exploration. We wanted to give them a second chance to experience what education is like without financial pressure. Project Ripples not only worked to bring school supplies to these student's desks but also worked to provide a computer to their classroom. For some students, this was the first time they have used or even seen a computer. All of these were purchased using your recyclable bottles only.

We are making a difference.


Ma'am Susan Pesinable

Ma'am Pesinable is a teacher at Tabugon Elementary School and has allowed Project Ripples to establish a close connection with students in the Philippines. Ma'am Pesinable's dedication as a teacher and her deep love for her students is highly admirable. Ma'am Pesinable has worked extremely hard to preserve the children's' enthusiasm for education.