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Ma'am Corazon Dingcong Salientes

 Project Ripples is honored to be partners with Ma'am Corazon Dincong Salientes. Ma'am Dingcong is a school principal in the Philippines. Ma'am Dincong's story is truly an inspiring one. She herself was a child laborer, and from elementary to high school she had to sell vegetables every morning before school. Even just to get to school and back, she had to cross rivers almost 100's of times. She had to sacrifice so much and was put in many dangerous situations just so she could get an education and support her family as well. Even through all that, she knew her family would not be able to afford her college education. She worked as a domestic helper for her aunt in a city far away from her family, all so she could provide her family the support they needed. Because of her labors, her aunt was able to send her to college, where she worked as a working student. From 3:00-7:00am she had to sell fish before school. She has now earned her bachelor's degree in secondary education, her master's degree, and is now working towards her doctoral degree. She was one of the key establishers of Napnapan NHS and was one of the first teachers assigned there. She then was assigned to Gumayan Integrated school where she would need to spend weeks there apart from her family. Now, she is working very hard to give her students a chance to continue their education. She is very selfless towards her students as she was in their shoes at one point in time. Her hard work and dedication to her students is admirable. She is also an anti-child labor advocate and received the national  ACLAT  award (Anti-child labor award for teachers). She had rescued sexually abused children and housed them with her for almost ten years. Project Ripples is working with her to give her students another chance to continue their education so they would not have to face the hardships Ma'am Dincong had. It is hard to express in words how incredibly grateful we are to be partners with Ma'am Dincong. Our loose change from all these bottles are an inspiration to these children.   


Ma'am Susan Pesinable

Who is Ma'am Susan?

 It has been an honor for Project Ripples to work with Ma'am Susan Pesinable. Susan is a teacher at Tabugon Elementary School and has allowed Project Ripples to establish a close connection with students in the Philippines. Susan's dedication as a teacher and her deep love for her students is highly admirable. Susan has worked extremely hard to preserve the children's' enthusiasm for education.


   With the help of Ma'am Pesinable, Project Ripples was able to provide school supplies and a new computer for her students. We are now working to purchase a projector for the computer. Susan's generosity and her passion for teaching are unmeasurable. She truly inspires me to continue pushing Project Ripples to further limits.

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