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If you have seen a Project Ripples Flyer in your area and are interested in supporting our cause, we will volunteer to collect your recyclable bottles and cans, and send it to the charity of your choice. Please contact Project Ripples with the information below. You can also click the message button on the bottom right for a quicker response.


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There are many ways you can support Project Ripples. See what you can do!

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Here are some ways you can:


Please subscribe to the blog to get Project Ripple's recent updates. Click here to follow our facebook page too. Spreading the word of Project Ripples is a great way to support!


You can support Project Ripples by starting to recycle your own plastic bottles and cans at a local recycling center and send the bottle return earnings to any charity of your choice. Send in a picture and join the Ripples challenge. Together, our Ripples can make waves.