Sagip Bata Shelter

Sagip Bata in Tagalog means "Save the Children". Solely from the bottle return earnings we are working to renovate the Sagip Bata Shelter, created by Project Ripple's very own Ma'am Corazon Dingcong Salientes. The Sagip Bata Shelter stands as an opportunity for Ma'am Dingcong's students to get to school. In order to reach school everyday, some of her students must walk across more than two dozen rivers. On top of this, the severe Philippine monsoon season makes this twice as dangerous. 


The only thing blocking these students from receiving the education they yearn for is something beyond their control. In creating the Sagip Bata Shelter, we have provided these students a way in which they can overcome this barrier and continue their fight to achieve their dreams. The shelter is located in vicinity to the school, so the students will not have to travel great extents to get to school. 

However, the shelter does not have concrete floors, enough beds, and other essential items to provide for the incoming students. We cannot let even one dream go to waste. Your bottles are the key to saving at least one dream and creating at least one more brighter future. Our goal is not only to renovate the shelter, but to build a new shelter at other locations to save as many dreams as we can. In order to do this, we need your bottles and your support! 

The Path to Greatness

Follow Ma'am Dingcong and her team of teachers as they visit each of the schools in the district , going through the routes their students may normally cross. Se what sacrifices they, and their students make for following their passion.

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Ma'am Corazon Dingcong Salientes

 Project Ripples is honored to be partners with Ma'am Corazon Dincong Salientes. Ma'am Dingcong is a school principal in the Philippines. Ma'am Dincong's story is truly an inspiring one. She herself was a child laborer, and from elementary to high school she had to sell vegetables every morning before school. Even just to get to school and back...