Anyone can be part of the Make Ripples Movement. Every small ripple can make waves. The Make Ripples movement encourages everyone to be involved in creating a better tomorrow in a simple and convenient way. You can become part of the Ripples Challenge in four easy steps. One, collect all your used plastic bottles and cans. Two, recycle them at a local grocery store recycling center. Three, send the bottle return money to a charitable organization of your choice. Four, send a picture of the bottle exchange receipt to us where it will be posted on the website. We all can contribute!

Ripples Challenge

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CTY Rippler from Singapore


CTY Rippler from Ohio


CTY Rippler from Connecticut

Justin Li

Schreiber Rippler from New York


CTY Rippler from Washington DC


CTY Rippler from Seattle


CTY Rippler from California

Previous Ripples Challenge Winners 

Thank you, Nathan and Stephen Delfin from Alberta, Canada! They raised a total of $125.05 from bottle exchange.

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