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To Be Grateful

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Life's highest fulfillment is the act of giving. Although it is easier to deny humankind's complete dependency on one another, we are all interconnected. From others we receive, and to others, we give - the gift keeps on giving. As I mention a lot, Project Ripples was built on a single idea, a single vision to give back to humanity. But I was mistaken. Project Ripples was not only built on a single idea, but it was built on the support that was given to us by people and the circumstances presented to us by fate. The opportunity to be writing to you all today is a gift in itself. I am grateful for the opportunity to write behind this screen, under a solid roof, to a community that understands the meaning of gratitude. My life circumstances become an opportunity to change the circumstances of those who cannot change theirs. Project Ripples alone has allowed me to see through the misty window that I call home and find those who need the giving of Project Ripples. The mere fact that Project Ripples can give to the children in the Philippines, the Lakota students at St.Joseph's, and to the many others who benefit from the aid of this community is something more than worth being grateful. As Father Flanagan of Boys Town says, "It cost so little to teach a child to love, and so much to teach him to hate." Project Ripples would never be what it is today without the support of people who I will be forever grateful. People with passion and drive to paint the world as a better picture are the reason why Project Ripples exists. First off, thank you, Mrs. Georgette Schnitzer, for never failing to believe in my potential and the potential of Project Ripples. The bags of bottles you have been giving us since the beginning is the reason why Project Ripples thrives. Thank you to Mrs. Loren and Andrew King for your undying support for the Project Ripples cause. Thank you, Linda, from Frank's Pizza for your hard work and generosity, not only to Project Ripples but to the rest of the community as well. Thank you, Wendy Novick, for the endless care you have given me and Project Ripples. Project Ripples is grateful for all our outreach in the Philippines: Ma'am Corazon Dincong Salientes, Ma'am Susan Pesinable, Ma'am Judy Noces, and Ma'am Dinah Fernandez. Your commitment to your mission to better the lives of others is genuinely changing the world. The sacrifices you make for the future of the children is remarkable. Dr.Lichtman and Ms.Lindstadt, thank you for never failing to believe in me. People with passion, such as yours, inspire Project Ripples to continue to give. Your sacrifices for causes that you believe in provide ideas like Project Ripples meaning. The blessings I received from both of you drive me to pay it forward through Project Ripples. Ms. Rachel Fox, you are a gem. Thank you for helping me collect bottles at the Port Washington Library. And to my Principal at Schreiber high school, thank you for allowing me to station a Project Ripples bin in the Cafeteria. Thank you, Ms.Cetta, for reaching out to me about Project Ripples. And to my Guidance Counselor, I am forever grateful. Thank you for always listening to my dreams and aspirations about Project Ripples. Your enthusiasm every time I talk to you about this project makes me feel like I am changing the world. Thank you Mr.Buchman for accepting the Project Ripples Challenge. And to my Project Ripples executives, Co-President Tyler Duran, Co-President Justin Li, and to the Head of Public Relations, Rigel Mummers, I am overwhelmed by your support. Despite your hectic schedules, you never fail to push Project Ripples' agenda forward. And to Massage Envy Spa, Port Washington, thank you for being my temporary shelter since as far as I can remember. Indeed, it takes a village to raise a child. To everyone who has given, thank you for making the world a better place, one ripple at a time. The world is better through the act of giving. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Project Ripples wishes everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am forever grateful.

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