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The Year 2020: Thanksgiving

Dear Project Ripples Family,

In this marvelous year we call 2020,

The year where six feet became the liveliest distance,

The year we ceased with our talks and our friendly transactions, the year when it became completely normal being masked while making one,

The year we left our company to become our own,

The year that screens no longer divide,

The year when our jokes soon became prayers that one day, we could go back to jokes again,

The year that virtual became our reality,

The year that we lost and we learned to be alone,

The year that the world became our home,

We have never been more together, even as we make our distance,

Because the distance between us is of a physical nature, yet our nature is what keeps us connected,

And although it is the year of empty seats at the table and extra leftovers,

There is room in our hearts that are left over,

For the next time we meet it’d be from six feet to none,

In the marvelous year of 2021.

Thank you to our Project Ripples Family. Although we cannot be together this Thanksgiving,

we continue to thank you for your tremendous support throughout this uncertain time.

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