The Sound Of Music

Project Ripples has teamed up with Ma'am Judy Noces to help give the students of Maco Heights Central Elementary School, in the Philippines, a chance to compete in a Rondalia (stringed musical instrument similar to a guitar) competition.

Ma'am Noces is a Doctor of Education and is the district school supervisor. We are very grateful for her hard work and passion for teaching. Her love for her students allowed us to make this possible.

The students who participated in the competition are in third to sixth grade. It is incredible what we can do to encourage children to explore their love of music. It is our mission to inspire everyone around the world to follow their dreams. In allowing the children to participate in the competition, we have given them a chance to pursue their dreams in music, and perhaps discover a passion for music.

Thank you for all your support! This would not have been possible without your bottles. Scroll down below to see the amazing talent and more.

Stay tuned for a special featured video of the competition!


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