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The March Report

This month (as in last month), we collected a total of five hundred and three bottles. A whopping total of five hundred and three bottles. Yes, of course, every single bottle counts and these five hundred and three bottles will go extremely far. However, our bottle collecting endeavors were quickly and abruptly cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although we have put our bottle recycling and collecting on hold, we have not remained under the radar. We believe that during times like this, it is when Project Ripples is most needed. For the last month, we had started a local grocery delivery service for the elderly (of course, following the safety and social distancing protocol). The Project Ripples team has been working endlessly, taking calls and making the daily trips to the grocery store, in order to bring light to someone’s life during these trying times. At a moment we were almost forced to discontinue the service, as our protective gear was about to run out during the third week. Thanks to the graciousness and generosity of the Landmark residence, we were able to continue the service, as they supplied us with gloves and masks.

This month has definitely been a drastic change. Although we are still in the grocery store, not for bottle recycling, but for grocery deliveries, we continue to strive to create a better human condition. Even if its to bring the simplest of joy into the life of someone who needs it.

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