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Thank You G2!

Ms.Lindstadt's Earth Science Class

In my life, I have met people that have supported my ideas, despite how crazy or impossible they may seem. One of those people was my former Science Olympiad (scioly) coach, Ms.Lindstadt. I remember back when I was in middle school, scioly was my entire life. Every afternoon after the 3:15 bell, I would drop my social studies and math binders and run straight toward the ground floor. Ms.Lindstadt would volunteer her time, hours after school had ended to give us the chance to explore our passions and scientific aspiration. After all the failed bottle rocket attempts, cracked eggs, crashed planes, and broken binders, Ms.Lindstadt would always continue to supervise us and remind us that errors are all part of the game. Although we had fun doing what we were doing, we knew deep down inside, we were thinking of the glory that is earned as you stand on the stage at the award ceremony. As cheesy as it might sound, Ms.Lindstadt taught me that it wasn't the number of medals hanging down your neck that counts, but it is the process that gets to success that truly matters. Ms.Lindstadt would support the team and I through the many wins and the even more numerous losses. It would be like this for three years until middle school graduation where all the glamour and glory of competing in scioly would finally come to an end.

Now after more than a year, I am back to the ground floor of the Middle School, speaking to Ms. Lindstadt's Earth Science class about Project Ripples. Ever since my scioly days, Ms.Lindsdat would never fail to remind the team to give their empty bottles to what is now Project Ripples. Her passion for the team and the environment are just as equal. From her, I learned that support from each other will help us change the world. The hard work that we are doing in this part of the world will have a profound impact on the less fortunate students across the globe.

She has been so generous to allow Project Ripples to become a daily part of her teaching. Thank you to Ms.Lindstadt and her classes!

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