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Restoring Faith in Humanity Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis:6-12 Grade Category Essay Competition


By: Sophia Patrice E. Aparre Sophia's story is what drew us to her essay. Although she has undergone tragic experiences, her ability to remain strong and compassionate is what makes her story something truly special. Despite her losses, she has held on to her hope and her faith. This is Restoring Faith in Humanity Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis: It was the morning of April 14th when I learned that my uncle just passed away. I received a text message from my aunt informing us of the terrible news. We live pretty far from them; they are in Leyte while we are in Bohol. My mother was heavy with tears because, as much as we want to go, it saddens us that we cannot even visit her brother for the last time. Along with most provinces in the country, Bohol is under enhanced community quarantine. There are no available sea and air travel for passengers who wish to go in and out of the province. Meanwhile, in Cebu, my cousin is stuck in a boarding house with no family relative to turn to for help. With no more source of income, he only relies on what was left in his wallet to meet his basic needs. He regrets going back to Cebu to return to work. And now, amid a crisis, he cannot go home to attend his father's funeral. Like us, he didn't get the chance to be with his father during the last moments. The funeral service was held the morning after. It was a quick event to observe the protocols imposed by the government. Thanks to technology, my mother, my cousin, and I were able to witness my uncle's burial through Messenger video call. My uncle did not die of the coronavirus. However, he may still be alive until this day if it weren't for the pandemic. With the neighboring cities not allowing outsiders to get inside the place and with no vehicles for hire, he could not be rushed to the hospital for an emergency. While most hospitals are focused on treating COVID-19 patients, it implies that other health concerns are being neglected. My uncle's case is not the only one. One can find in news reports similar situations, just like my uncle's. I cannot blame anyone, for the doctors and nurses who are front liners in fighting this battle are all making the best efforts to defeat this powerful enemy that took the lives of countless people globally. Regardless of what we've been through during these times, we all suffered greatly. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a chain of events that shook the entire world. Jobs were lost, families suffer from hunger, and the economic aspect somewhat experienced a downfall. Most of all, there are deaths everywhere. There is no exemption, whether you are rich or poor, old or young, and whether you are a man or a woman. No one can escape death if it finds you. Only one word can be used to sum these things up: loss. One can wonder, is this already the end? Who knows? However, this is not the time to give up. We have come so far in life that to admit defeat makes our efforts go to waste. We need not to worry. There is still hope. From time to time, nature finds a way to heal itself as the world is getting cruel and worse. This is an opportunity to restore humanity that was almost lost in us. This is to prove that there is still something positive out of a world brimming with negativity. My heart flutters when I see news about some individuals who extended their generosity to people in need. Parents and children who have no choice but to be stuck at home get closer together as a family. Some even strengthened their faith as they pray to God almighty, hoping that all will be well in time. As I observed all these during the quarantine period, I can say that sometimes, bad things happen to bring out the good in us. I believe we can all win this battle. If we could follow the rules or have the initiative to take precautionary steps to avoid acquiring the virus, I believe we can flatten the curve. It all begins within ourselves. And from that, we surely can make ripples towards a better life and a better future.

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