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Props to Port Kids

"Big things often have small beginnings"- Anonymous.

Project Ripples came about from very humble beginnings. It all started with an idea, a couple of plastic bottles, and a middle school Science Olympiad team. There were many roadblocks along the way, but there was always someone near who was willing to help.

My middle school experience was highlighted with nothing other than Science Olympiad. Afternoons were filled with Anatomy and Physiology notes, and the limitless attempts to turn my soda bottles into a successful rocket. I can still remember days where I stood outside for hours watching my bottle rockets launch into the cold winter air. There were many failed attempts: nosedives, crashes, and broken wings. If my middle school Science Olympiad experience taught me one thing, it would be that perseverance is key to success.

One of the greatest amounts of bottles I've collected in one setting was from the Science Olympiad competitions. The bottle collection was a mix of empty plastic bottles and my failed bottle rocket attempts.

Thanks to my Science Olympiad coach, my project was recognized at a local community service awards ceremony. It was a pleasure to realize that someone appreciated something that I am so passionate about. This award ceremony inspired me to continue to expand my project even more.

Both Project Ripples and bottle rocket taught me a valuable lesson to continue to persevere. In the end, my bottle rocket won first place in the state competition, and my small bottle collecting project had turned into Project Ripples. All the successes would have never been possible without the help of others along the way.

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