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Pre-Fall Report

From August to the end of September, we recycled 3,258 bottles. Thank's ReWild Long Island, we generated more than 800 bottles at their Fall Native Plant Sale. ReWild Long Island is a New York-based organization that aims to create a more sustainable environment through encouraging communities to raise plants.

Our fundraising efforts have been focused on supporting our close teacher-partner and friend Ma'am Corazon Dingcong in her efforts to teach impoverished students during the global pandemic. With your support we have been enabled to bring school supplies to desks and networking technology to teachers.

This September has been the commencement of our international Tree-Planting Challenge. We have gotten students from across the world to plant for the cause of preserving environmental health. Bellow are our earliest participants who took on the challenge: Nathan and Stephen from Canada, Ma'am Ferndandez and Given from the Philippines. Stay tuned for more...

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