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Nature's Wonders: Alberta Canada

It is a popular belief that climate change is inevitable. Many of us find ourselves questioning, why should we continue to preserve nature? What is the point? Although we are beyond the total reversal of major climate change, it is not beyond our power to slow climate change and preserve the beauty of the natural world for future generations.

Recently, I was able to visit several natural preserves in Alberta, Canada, where I witnessed amazing geologic formations. After first landing in Alberta, I noticed that there was relatively little human interference of the environment. The urbanization and industrialization were very minimal. There is something extraordinary about that, especially in this day and age when it is difficult to see a cluster of ten trees in New York City.

Driving through the mountainous regions of the Canadian Rockies, I was in awe of the magnificence nature could project.

The moment I looked into the crystal blue waters of the many lakes and rivers, I realized how much of a treasure this planet truly is. Its physical wonders, and its ability to sustain life to the greatest complexity is what makes our planet magnificent. The wonders and phenomena Earth has to offer is something that should be sustained for as long as possible. It is something that should be shared with our posterity.

Even just realizing the natural environment that surrounds us, reminds us: we should never give up hope on the Earth.

Here are some pictures of nature's wonders in Alberta, Canada.

Lake Peyto

Moraine Lake

Lake Louise

Natural Land Formation In Banff

Natural Land Formation Of The Canadian Badlands

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