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Mamadou and Papa

Project Ripples began with a bag of bottles and Mamadou. Even now, I can recall the numerous happy birthday cards and composition notebooks sealed in the piles of Childfund International envelopes. All of which, were destined to go to Senegal, a small country on the coast of West Africa. Mamadou was the name of the child we sponsored. For me, it was a monthly ritual, seal the notebooks and gifts in the envelope, write a note to Mamadou, and send it off to somewhere across the globe. As a child, I was not fully aware of the true purpose of what I was doing. However, I never failed to be excited about Mamadou's response. Fast forward six years later, and Mamadou has already completed his middle school entrance exams. It was not until recently that Mamadou was no longer sponsored by Chidfund international. It is an interesting feeling to feel so attached to someone you have never met. Project Ripples hopes that Mamadou, wherever he may be, is happy and well, and has the opportunity to continue his education. Although we can no longer sponsor Mamadou, we can still give other children like Mamadou a chance for an education and a better future. The most recent bottle earnings Project Ripples had collected, will be going to Papa, our new sponsor child via Childfund International. A few weeks ago, we had sent Papa his first letter, and we received his response. We will continue to support Papa and give him an opportunity to go to school, for as long as we collect more bottles. It is up to us to provide these children with a chance for a better future.

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