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Join Hands

Over the past few months, we have stood amidst some of the most perilous events of this planet. We have witnessed the wildlife of Australia smoldered to ash, the abrupt eruption of Taal from dormancy for almost 230 years, and most recently, the outbreak of the deadly pandemic, coronavirus. In just a matter of months, we have experienced a seemingly unceasing cascade of natural disasters. It seems as if the world is moving too quickly, and we can't seem to catch a break. From these catastrophic events, we may have lost the phenomena and majesty of nature and disrupted the normality and livelihood of those affected. Despite the tribulations that we have faced, we must search for an incentive to move forward.

Our world has been plagued with a natural disaster. It seems as if a whirlwind of panic and confusion surrounds us. The introduction of COVID-19 into our population hit us by surprise, unprepared, and poorly informed. The uncertainty of the future and the health of our generation is beyond our grasp. This is something that affects us no differently than an earthquake or a tsunami. No one has the power to harness nor predict the doings of nature. Just like any natural disaster, something that affects one hemisphere affects everything on a globalized level.

Despite the tension that has arisen from COVID-19, a long-needed reminder has been brought back into the world's attention- something that we so easily tend to neglect. Each person's actions affect others. No man is an island, and it is our duty to maintain a viable world. We must take into account that our efforts, even the smallest ripple in space and time, possesses the capability to cause an immense reaction. Keeping each other healthy is a communal practice. Remaining aware of not only how we can become infected but also being concerned about not contaminating others, especially those who remain at high risk (those in the workforce, public safety workers, health workers, supermarket workers, etc.) will limit our possibilities of contracting an illness. Working together to remain safe is the embodiment of global connection. The world is interdependent and the hope that we share spreads faster than any pestilence that remains among us.

Living in a time of crisis emphasizes the vitality of solidarity. We must collectively work for the betterment of the world, as even the smallest ripples can create waves. If we realize we all fight for the same cause, we may learn to join hands in the name of life.

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