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If you have seen a Project Ripples Flyer in your area and are interested in supporting our cause, we will volunteer to collect your recyclable bottles and cans, and send it to the charity of your choice. Please contact Project Ripples with the information below. You can also click the message button on the bottom right for a quicker response.


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January Report!

The January report is finally out! Despite it only being one month after the year started, Project Ripples has already begun to make waves. With the help of new additions to our family, we were able to recycle more bottles and change lives. This has been Project Ripples's January.

2,320 bottles in total were collected with the help and generosity of new members of the Project Ripples family. A big thank you to the Saur family for bringing our project to STEAM Night! Just before January came to a close we were able to gain the support of the Schreiber High School Key Club, who filled our boxes until they were brimming with bottles.

Despite the overwhelming support from our new members, we were able to keep in touch with familiar faces. We have continued to support the St.Josephs Indian school, and provide opportunities to alleviate the financial burden of schooling for their students. We have also continued to support the New York Nature Conservancy, and protect the beauty and balance of nature.

We were able to connect with our new friends from the University of Mindanao Tagum Campus in the Philippines and sponsor a long-waited-for environmental event. The creativity and mindfulness to the environment of the students are truly inspiring.

Lastly, a big shout out to Ms. Rachel Fox from the Port Washington Public Library, who never fails to give us bottles and support!