Featured Teacher: Ma'am Corazon Dingcong

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Years ago, before Project Ripples became what it is today, our bottle collections were going to Ma'am Judy Noces, a school district supervisor in the Philippines. It was teachers like her that inspired us to continue to help her students have the opportunity to an education. Through Ma'am Noces, we met Ma'am Corazon Dingcong and Angela.

Angela was a girl in elementary school (I will tell her full story in another blog). Her dream was to graduate from elementary school. However, after being diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia, she could not continue to live a normal life. She had to stay in hospital beds rather than attending school.

Ma'am Corazon Dingcong, principal of Napnapan National High School, was finding all the support she could to help Angela. She was working endlessly to find support for her student. This passion is truly admirable. Because of Ma'am Judy, we were able to give Angela a more comfortable time despite her diagnosis.

Today, Ma'am Dingcong has helped connect Project Ripples with some of her students. With our bottle collection earnings, we will be able to help Ma'am Dingcong's students who are financially challenged. Ma'am Dingcong has always put students even before herself. Her passion and selflessness gives her students a chance for a better tomorrow.

Thank you Ma'am Dingcong for what you do for your students!

Watch the video below. That is what real passion looks like!

Stay tuned for Ma'am Corazon's full page...

Ma'am Dingcong, staff, and scholars.

Ma'am Dingcong and our scholars.

Ma'am Dingong and our scholars.


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