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A couple of days ago, I returned home to find a large package of cardboard strips. After a long five minutes of trying to figure out the correct way of folding them into boxes, I was ready to take a road trip. 

   It has been a recent goal of mine to bring Project Ripples closer to home. Even just brainstorming the places I could put my boxes made me appreciate the beauty of nature and the environment even more. The public parks and the town docks were all great places with incredible natural views, perfect places to station the boxes. 

To my luck, it was also the same day the town was hosting Cinema by the Bay. It was the optimal situation for bottle collecting. After all of the boxes were stationed, I spent the next couple of hours waiting for recyclable bottles, reading a book, with a stunning view of the water ahead of me. 

Another ten-minute drive away from the town dock, another bin was stationed at a local laundry mat. From the start, I had a good feeling about the bin at the laundry mat as it was placed near a garbage full of plastic bottles. I found this bin to be the start of a long the other side of town. 

The last bin found its home at the entrance of another public park. 

  Every day, I look forward to my daily trips to see what bottles I can find in the bins. Sadly, on rainy days, I am going to have to refrain from these little adventures. However, the daily monitoring of the bins gives me something to look forward to. So far, most of the bins seem very successful in bottle collection. I am working to encourage those walking past these bins to think again about recycling and environmental preservation. 

If these bins prove to be effective in encouraging others to recycle, anything and anyone can make a positive impact on the environment for the better. 


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