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2020 RECAP

This year has been far from normal. Yet, through all the unpredictable moments and uncertain periods we were still able to make the most out of 2020, recycling 25,712 bottles thanks to your continued support. January: 2,320 Bottles Recycled

The Project Ripples Initiative kicked off the year with a newly-established partnership with the Schreiber High School Key Club chapter. We enjoyed an educational night of science and bottle collecting at Port Washington STEAM Night. We helped fund Mindanao Tagum Campus' Environmental Event showcasing student-made costumes of all recyclable materials through JC Noces. February: 2,095 Bottles Recycled Continued with the last of our pre-COVID bottle collecting endeavors. Basically the last days of our sanity. March: 743 Bottles Recycled

New York State lockdown commence, and our bottle collecting came to a temporary hault. Our previous bottle donations went to supporting Philippine volunteers surveilling inter-province travel during the early COVID-19 outbreak. April: 0 Bottles Recycled We implemented a Emergency Local Senior Citizen COVID-19 Grocery Delivery Service. With the help of our fellow Project Ripples Volunteers Justin Li, Emma Sy and the support of Landmark Senior Residence Port Washington, we were able to lend a hand during times of need.

May: 2,573 Bottles Recycled The Tell Your Story Essay Contest Commenced where 6th Grade-College students in the Philippines expressed their pandemic stories. June: 3,489 Bottles Recycled James Senagan was announced the winner of the Tell Your Story Essay Contest in the College category with his story: What COVID-19 Taught Me. Aeron Plana Arador and Sophia Patrice E.Aparre were announced the winners of the Tell Your Story Essay Contest in the 6-12 grade category with, Fear is Here and Restoring Faith in Humanity Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. July: 1,640 Bottles Recycled Project Ripples Initiative Ambassador Maria Kristina Salientes was featured on radio Broadcast based in Pantukan, Philippines. August: 1,022 Bottles Recycled

We aided Napanapan National High School before their school year reopening, as they transitioned into using isolated learning platforms, funding the purchase of bond paper and a printer. September: 2,236 Bottles Recycled

Collaborated with ReWild Long Island at their annual Fall Plant Sale where we collected 800 bottles.

We reached the U.S, Canada, and the Philippines with our sustainable planting challenge, encouraging environmentally friendly practices. October-December: 9,594 Bottles Recycled In October and December, we commenced with our new program spearheaded by our president Tyler Duran in restocking the local food pantry.

We ended the year strong, increasing our average bottles recycled in the last three months by 59%.

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