The Philippines

This year, the University of Mindandao Tagum Campus hosted a high school festival with a purpose. This annual event brings into perspective the daunting climate issues of today and inspires others to dwell on what they can do to create a better tomorrow. This year's theme was "SPIRITED UNITY: MERGING OF ELEMENTS IN EMPOWERING CAMARADERIE AND HARMONY."Inspired by the TV series Avatar, the school was divided into 4 teams, Fire Nation (red team), Earth Kingdom (green team), Water Tribe (blue team) and Air Nomads (gray team) who not only raised awareness for environmental issues but also helped the victims of the recent earthquakes in the Philippines. Through donations, they were able to send clothes, goods, books, and money to the affected areas. The outline of the events went as so:

Day one:

Essay Writing, Poem writing, Photo Essay, Poster and Slogan,  Quiz Bee, Impromptu Drama dialogue, Acapella. All literary events were related to environmental awareness.

Day Two:

Grand march with banners, Cosplay competition for team leaders with recycled materials used for their outfit, Mantra competition for team cheers, respective elements were incorporated, with banners and flags representing the unity of fire, air, water, earth which made the earth diverse but aesthetic in nature. Next is hip hop, then pop-coustic: one song related to the environment. And for the night is Mr. and Ms. Senior High School. They have this category Recyclo Techno, an outfit made of recycled materials to represent their team element. They provided a sketch for their recylo techno with a list of materials.

-JC Noces