Our Projects

Explore where all your bottles go. Our past and current projects are each individual in character but all share a common nature. With the help of our extremely passionate team of teachers, we are able to better the lives of students day by day. By exploring each of our projects we can begin to realize the extents to which a simple plastic bottle can go.   

External Support 

Not only does Project Ripples send outreach to our own network of teachers, but we strive to send support to anyone who needs it most. With our bottle collection earnings, we support external organizations that also take part in the fight for accessible education. Check out who we support here:

COVID-19 Support

During this time of uncertainty, Project Ripples is lending all our support to those working at the front lines. With the help of Ma'am Pesinable, we are able to support the health workers and the volunteers who are stopping the spread at the border of Negros Occidental. See how we are supporting them.   

Grocery Delivery Service

Sagip Bata Shelter

In partnership with Project Ripple's Ma'am Corazon Dincong, we are working to bring less fortunate children closer to their educational opportunities. In order to go to school, some of her students must cross more than twenty rivers with no shoes on their feet. This long journey to get to school is a big factor that inhibits students from receiving the education they deserve. See how we are working to combat this through the Sagip Bata Shelter.  

Due to COVID-19 precautions, our bottle collecting needed to come to a halt. But instead of staying totally stagnant, we wanted to find a way to be useful to the community. We started a voluntary grocery delivery service for the elderly in our community (Port Washington, Roslyn, and Manhasset NY). See what we've been doing to contribute.  

Tabugon Elementary

Ma'am Pesinable is a teacher at Tabugon Elementary School and has allowed Project Ripples to establish a close connection with her students in the Philippines. Ma'am Pesinable's dedication as a teacher and her deep love for her students is highly admirable. Ma'am Pesinable has worked extremely hard to preserve the children's' enthusiasm for education. See what we do for her students,

Ma'am Fernandez Mission

Ma'am Fernandez has been a close partner with Project Ripples since the beginning. We met Ma'am Fernandez when she was part of a mission that provided aid to the children of the Karen tribe at the border of Burma and Thailand. Her love for helping humanity has led her to continue her mission work in the Philippines with the help of the (now grown) Karen Children she once aided. Project Ripples and Ma'am Fernandez are now working together to improve the lives of those in poverty through supplying food and basic necessities