Mission ConneX

A Project Ripples Extension


    Mission Connex is an extension of Project Ripples, focusing on providing destitute students the chance to continue their education through the pandemic. Project Ripples consists of a network of extremely passionate teachers who teach at some of the most impoverished locations of rural Philippines.


Already, many of their students are forced to discontinue their education in their youth in exchange for manual labor jobs to provide for their families. For these children, schooling is not an option simply due to financial status. 

Because of the abrupt and unexpected pandemic, these students must endure even greater burdens in order to continue their education, as classrooms are moving towards a more isolated learning approach. These students could not afford schooling to begin with, let alone any medium to connect to teachers in isolation. But you have the power to stop this. Through Mission Connex, you can donate any old iphones, ipads, or Macbooks so that these students can have the opportunity they deserve. These items will be shipped to Project Ripple's team of extraordinary teachers, who will personally give your donations to the students who need them. 


How can I help? 
Smart Phone Outline



Find your old iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Any type of the previously mentioned apple products are acceptable. However, we are not accepting any other electronic products at the moment.



Prepare your phone for donation. We care about your privacy. In order to protect your privacy or transfer information that you may want to keep, please read follow the following instructions in the links below (if applicable). 

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