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Diana Benedicto-Jimenez

Founder/CEO of Project Ripples/Web Designer/Blogger

 Hi there, it's Diana. Eight years ago I started recycling plastic water bottles for some people in the community. Now, that small personal passion project has blossomed into what we know as Project Ripples. I was blessed to have the opportunity to win numerous achievements in Division B Science Olympiads...  

Maria Christina Salientes

International Blogger

Maria Kristina Salientes is a sophomore in college and is currently studying geology. She attends the University of Southeastern Philippines. She has just recently joined the Project Ripples family as the International Contributor and Blog Writer. She is extremely passionate and knowledgable about science and climate change, and it is greatly reflected through her writing...


Justin Li

Executive in Training

Justin Li joined Project Ripples in November 2019. Justin Li is currently a freshman in high school. His desire to help people that are in need has led him to joining the effort of Project Ripples. His love for science, and his desire to learn has helped him win numerous awards in the Division B Science Olympiad on both the regional and state level. This includes awards in Anatomy and Physiology, Crime Busters, Hovercraft, Density Lab, and Circuit Lab. He has also won many awards in different math competitions, including being ranked 11th in the state in the 7th grade NYML competition which qualified him for a math competition during the month of July.

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