Ma'am Fernandez's Mission 

Ma'am Fernandez has been a friend of Project Ripples even before we were project Ripples. We met her when she was doing mission work providing aid to the Karen tribe at the border of Burma and Thailand. Most of these people did not have jobs and lived in meager huts in the wilderness. With the help of Ma'am Fernandez, we used our bottle earnings to provide food and essentials to the people.  

However, the most remarkable thing about this story is that it does not stop there. Years later, the now grown-up children that Ma'am Fernandez aided, are now paying it forward. They have joined Ma'am Fernandez's mission in the Philippines to better the human condition of those living in destitution. We have been in constant contact with this mission and are always willing to lend a hand in providing supplies and food for their numerous projects.   

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