External Support

St. Josephs Indian School 

St. Joseph's Indian School, located in South Dakota works to provide an education to the underserved youth of the Lakota (Sioux) Native Americans. Their organization not only focuses on sending children to school, but they are also involved in improving Lakota families' quality of life. Project Ripples supports this organization by sending $12 a month (raised from bottle recycling only). For more information check out the St.Joseph's Indian School website:

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St.Labre Indian School

St.Labre Indian School, located in Montana, aims to provide a haven to Native American children who are considered "at risk". St.Labre focuses on providing children a first-class education, as well as a set career path. Project Ripples annually supports this organization with monetary donation. Learn more at the St.Labre Indian School's Website:

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Childfund International

Childfund International is an organization that allows deprived children a second chance in life through sponsorship. For $39 a month, Project Ripples sponsors a child, allowing them to receive basic necessities, education, and support. Learn more about Childfund International at their website:

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Boys Town

Boys Town is an organization that strives to aid communities by providing relief from addiction, abuse, abandonment, and violence. They elicit social change through counseling, rebuilding schools, and empowering communities. Learn more about Boys Town at their website:

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The Nature Conservancy

Project Ripples annually supports The Nature Conservancy. The Nature Conservancy is an environmental organization that focuses on environmental conservation and the fight against climate change. Learn more about the Nature Conservancy at their website:  

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