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Isaac Newton once said,

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”


Every single person on this planet has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Although different in severity, all experiences remain valid. Every single person on this planet has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. For every seemingly negative experience always lies a positive outcome. Write a 500-700 word essay about your personal experience during this pandemic, as well as one positive thing this pandemic may bring. 

Top Three Entries In Each Age Group Will Recieve An Online Certificate And Will Be Featured On The Project Ripples Website. THE WINNING ENTRY OF EACH AGE GROUP WILL WIN 100 U.S DOLLARS. 

Rules and Eligibility

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently in grades 6-College as of January 2020

  • Entries will be divided into two categories:

    • 6-12 Grad​

    • College

  • There will be one winner from each category as well as a top three for each category​


Write a 500-700 word essay answering these two prompts:

  1. Describe your personal experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may include a story of a specific experience, an overview of your experience as a whole, etc. Use your creativity

  2. Explain and elaborate on one positive outcome that this pandemic brought or may bring. Try to be creative. 



Your essay may be organized in any manner you choose as long as it fits the 500-700 word limit. 

Ex. Half your essay may focus on your personal story, while the other half may focus on the positive aspect.

***All essays must be written in English***


Judging Criteria:

All essays will be evaluated with the following criteria:

  • 45% Creativity: Your essay was written and composed in a creative and unique style and manner. 

  • 45% Contents: Your essay included a compelling story and an interesting point of view.

  • 10% Grammar: Your essay included little to no grammatical errors. 

DISCLAIMER: THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE WINNER OF $100 DOLLARS. Our decision of the winning essay will be final. 

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