COVID-19 Support

Project Ripples strives to do our part when the world needs us most. During these trying times we have been giving all the support we can to those at the front lines. With the help of our long time teacher, partner and friend Ma'am Susan Pesinable, we were able to provide aid to those who are stopping the spread at the border of Negros Oriental. 

Those who are on duty, or those that volunteer, are risking their lives in order to protect the lives of others. Those that we are supporting work hours upon hours to ensure the safety of others. They are the reasons we feel assured.However, despite the sacrifice and tremendous aid they have given to the world, they only receive 900 pesos a month (about $37.45 U.S dollars), as most of the hours they put in are completely voluntary. 

With the help of Ma'am Pesinable, we were able to provide food and other commodities to these hometown heroes. Although our bottle collecting needed to come to a pause, we have used bottle earnings from the month of March and February to fulfill this project. Their work and sacrifice are immeasurable.  

Ma'am Susan Pesinable

Ma'am Pesinable is a teacher at Tabugon Elementary School and has allowed Project Ripples to establish a close connection with students in the Philippines. Ma'am Pesinable's dedication as a teacher and her deep love for her students is highly admirable. Ma'am Pesinable has worked extremely hard to preserve the children's' enthusiasm for education.