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Founded in 2010 by Diana Benedicto-Jimenez

Project Ripples is an ongoing project that I started when I was six years old. If there is something that I had learned in my 14 years of life, it would be that it is the individual's responsibility to make an effort in making the world a better place for all people. No matter how seemingly small a deed may seem, it is significant if it positively affects others.

I have always had a great interest in science and the living environment. Keeping the environment clean and well cared for is a considerable aspect of my life. Eight years ago, I started recycling bottles at a local Stop and Shop as an effort to keep the environment clean. For every bottle I recycled, five cents was returned. During this time, my mother and I were sponsoring a child from Childfund International. I had the idea of using the bottle return earnings as donation money for Childfund International. I realized I could keep the environment clean, and at the same time give a less fortunate child a chance for a better future. Project Ripples had started as the small project Diana's Angel Fund, which focused more on providing support to school children in the Philippines. 

What started as a local project, quickly grew to encompass members from outside the Port Washington area. Together with our allies and partners, The Project Ripples Initiative engages and mobilizes activists and leaders from all backgrounds and walks of life. Get in touch to learn more about our mission and join our cause today.

Since then, I have been growing this project to greater extents. I have begun to recruit people interested in this project to help supply me with bottles. I have expanded this project from Childfund International to locations from the Philippines, to Syria, and the United States. This journey has taught me that you don't need to be superman to change the world. A single bottle can create a better future for many. My goal for the years to come is to grow our community and to provide more chances for a better tomorrow.

- DIana Benedicto-Jiminez

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In memory of the girl who started it all.

We met Angela through Ma'am Corazon Dincong. She was in desperate need of help as she was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. Despite her diagnosis, her one goal in life was to receive her kindergarten diploma. Although we fought hard for her, she succumbed to her diagnosis shortly after her graduation. We strive to make the world a better place so we can help those like Angela have a second chance for life.

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