Our Mission

 Everyone has the power to make a difference in this world. I created Project Ripples eight years ago as a mission that encourages every person, despite their background, to have the opportunity to make the world a better place. By recycling used plastic water bottles, soda cans, and glass bottles, you have the power to give a child across the world a chance for a better tomorrow. 



How it Works

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 The Environmental Aspect


Preserving and sustaining the natural world is one of the foremost goals here at Project Ripples. Our process starts by collecting recyclable cans, plastic, and glass bottles. By recycling, we are able to prevent solid pollutants from contaminating vulnerable ecosystems.   







All our recycling occurs at local recycling stations. For every bottle we recycle, we earn ¢5. Although this may seem minute at first glance, every bottle counts. This amount also translates to an even greater amount to some of the countries our aid reaches. Each bottle recycled is one ecosystem saved and one step towards a brighter future for a student across the world. 




 The Humanitarian Aspect


 100% of recycling return earnings go to providing the opportunity for an education to children across the world. Our aid extends from here in the United States, to Africa, to the Philippines. A fraction of the total earnings goes to pre-existing organizations and the rest go to our direct connections in the Philippines. Find a listing of whom we support here.   





The children whom we help, live in a world where education is a privilege. Due to their poverty-ridden backgrounds, many are stopped from finishing or receiving an education. Their teachers, whom we have partnered with, not only have a passion for teaching but continually sacrifice for the future of their students. Their students, who dream of nothing else but to be able to go to school, are the greatest victims of their own circumstances. No matter how hard they try, receiving an education is out of their own control. Their futures have been compromised not because of their merit or academic ability, but because of their financial standings. Here is what we do to fight this.