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Project Ripples

Change comes with a single bottle. Your forgotten recyclables can build somebody's future. The power to change the world and the lives of those who live in it lies in your hands. Collectively, our seemingly small acts make a drastic impact. Join us as we take trash to better lives and recycle to inspire. Together we can make waves.  

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Welcome to Project Ripples, my very own passion project built on the vision of a better human condition. What ends up in our trash or on our streets can be turned into a beacon of hope for children across the world. By collecting and recycling plastic bottles we are breaking down the barrier that we call limited educational accessibility. With us, you don't need million-dollar donations to change the world (in fact, we don't need any monetary donations period). See how we change the world through recycling. 




It's actually too long of a story for this little box.


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